Asymmetrical Hair Cuts

Trends in hairstyles are constantly changing, but the asymmetric cut is here to stay, so we show some ideas to renew your look, dare to look modern and easy to comb hair.

asymmetrical Short

If you are a bold girl who likes the  hair short, this cut is perfect for you, it is an asymmetric style with different lengths of hair, is ideal for girls oval face because refines the factions.

Asymmetrical Layered

If you like short hair but you have a round face, you can opt for a   cut  asymmetrical layers, it is perfect for tuning the face is only the shortest layer is flush with the ear.

Asymmetrical with Bangs

Straight bangs is the best ally of a cut asymmetrical especially if you want to look a little hair with two different lengths, can be bold and show off the longest on one side and the other short hair, be sure to choose your best profile.

Asymmetrical bob

If you have medium hair and want a makeover Uncut more, you can choose an asymmetric cut in the neck go shorter and longer front, this style is perfect for women with straight hair.

asymmetrical Curly

Dare to wear a short and defined curls, this asymmetrical cut forcurly hair, perfect stop those girls who are not very good with hairstyles as they only have to apply some mousse, tousle your curls and ready.

Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob, one of the cuts that do not go out of style, is a modern cut and at the same time elegant, ideally be shorter neck and forehead to achieve long sharpen the face ends.

asymmetrical Long

For lovers long hair but looking for a touch of modernity to your hair, there is no better choice than an asymmetrical style with different lengths, you can combine it with a degrafilado to make it look more modern.

Asymmetric Fringing

This type of cut looks great with short hair, the only thing is you have to do to achieve it, it is to leave longer than the rest of the hair fringe, ideally cut sideways to the hair look modern and fresh.


Remember to choose a haircut with which you feel comfortable and reflects your personality, do not have to make radical changes to look good, one of the advantages of asymmetrical cuts is that they are very easy to comb, so do not hesitate to experiment with some of these cuts.