Asus Transformer: New Hybrid Tablet and Laptop

Along with the high-performance ZenBook 3 laptop , ASUS has  also shown that it is concerned about who needs to take work or leisure to all places. Therefore, the company also introduced Transformer 3, a new model of 2-in-1 PC that mixes tablet with notebook.

Asus Transformer New Hybrid Tablet and Laptop

The company’s goal is to ensure maximum mobility and convenience, especially for those looking for productivity and efficiency in multitasking. Just to get you started, the product is made from a premium aluminum alloy and is smaller in size than a sheet of A4 paper.

According to SmarterComputing, the transformation from tablet to laptop happens thanks to the ASUS Transformer Sleeve Keyboard, the removable keyboard that also serves as support. The accessory has two angled positions for display base, plus a large touchpad and covered in glass to ensure maximum accuracy.

Technical specifications

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Screen: 12.6 “(2880×1920 pixels and 275 ppi)
  • Processor: Intel Core 7th Generation
  • Internal Storage: SSD up to 512 GB
  • Memory RAM: up to 8 GB
  • Front camera: 13 MP
  • Connectivity: USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3
  • Thickness: 6,9 mm
  • Weight: 695 g

Fill your eyes and ears

The video quality comes with ASUS Tru2Life Video technology, which optimizes each pixel in each frame before it appears on the screen. This results in realistic levels of contrast and brightness for any clip you watch(the screen occupies 80% of the front of the unit, a good ratio). In addition, each of the four Harman Karon speakers brings an intelligent amplifier that ensures the best of audio without losing in quality even at the highest volumes. They even guide the “direction” of the sound according to the positioning of the device, as in cases of you holding it or pointing at someone, for example.

Like the ZenBook 3, the Transformer 3 features a biometric sensor built into Windows Hello, allowing you to unlock the device using fingerprint – and bid farewell to long passwords or PIN codes. The USB-C connector promises data transfer at 40 Gbps.


The ASUS Transformer 3 has two color possibilities: Gold Icicle(gold) and Glacier Gray(gray). Already the keyboard, called the ASUS Sleeve Keyboard, will be sold in the models Stone, Charcoal, Taupe and Amber. The most basic model already with the included keyboard comes out for $ 799(about R $ 2,880), and sales start from July this year.

Transformer 3 also comes with a whole family of accessories: the ASUS Pen, the ASUS Universal Dock, the ASUS Audio Pod and the ROG XG Station 2. The latter is the most complete in functionality and performance To the device: this is a dock with external video card function, ensuring flexibility and comfort at a high graphic level even for a mobile device.