ASUS ZenPad: All Possible Rates

The ZenPad tablet line is coming. Asus has announced pricing and availability, but are increasingly online details and it’s not hard to see what will the placement of 4 planned versions. There will be many variations, a bit on the style ZenFone 2, with prices and specifications to climb and with targeted distribution depending on the country of destination. The following is an indicative list refers to English and American/Canadian market. Can serve to perceive those who will be the European prices.

The models above, there shall be added the configurations with 4 g LTE (identified with a KL in code) and variants with integrated digitizer often defined with CG or CL in the name; These, but also the top of the range, the time will be compatible with Asus Z Stylus.

Experience shows that often the European prices are in line with those Americans-more than with the British-and therefore it is not illogical to think of a top range with 4 ZenPad S 8.0 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal space sold in Italy over 300 euros. Similarly, it would be great for both you 10 euro 229 keypad ZenPad Basic 7.0 to both the ZenPad 99 euros. Speaking of lists, then the street price could be even lower.

Difficult, however, to make a definitive list: among the strengths of the line is the ZenPad configuration flexibility and the combination with a dozen accessories (cover, cases, keyboards, drums and additional speakers, stylus, dock) and it is likely that the various acronyms and the various codes serve to identify it. The section on will allow you to discover many details.

For the rest, we will have official news about Italian models only from Asus Italy. When? Impossible to say, but the information in this article comes from international online pre-sales, so it shouldn’t be long now. We will be back on