ASUS Transformer Book V, a Portable Hybrid for Master Them All

While we wait for the incredibly thin device that Asus had prepared for this Computex 2014, the Taiwanese manufacturer has just renewed its commitment for hybrid devices with this ASUS Transformer Book V now here.

We are facing the mother of all hybrid solutions on the market, and it is that its operation 5 1 supported in a convertible laptop that mix his concept with the of the the famous Asus Padfone It will offer the user more chances than ever.

The renewal of the Transformer Book comes stomping with a legacy design of its predecessors but is now allowed the luxury of hosting a smartphone in the casing of your screen, which in turn is a Tablet and will permit to radically change the user experience depending on the type of use you are going to give to the device at any time.

A laptop that turns into tablet which turns into smartphone

The final product is ingenious, with a smartphone that is installed Android 4.4 and that can be controlled completely, once inserted in it, the Tablet operating system Windows 8.1, which in turn can be a full keyboard with trackpad to become an ultraportable computer 12.5 inch diagonal.

A very versatile and convergent solution with two operating systems, and that can be used as a portable with Windows, Windows Tablet, Android smartphone, Android Tablet and laptop Android. All 5 in 1.

Can Windows 8 from mode see the Android interface directly when attaching the terminal in a manner similar to virtualization, being able to exchange experience between the two systems in a simple way. That Yes, the file systems of the two operating systems are, at least a priori, completely independent and invisible for the other, with which we can not share files natively.

Technical specifications

As you already imaginaréis you, smartphone and Tablet/keyboard, two different devices have different specifications. In the case of the Tablet is a device with chipset Intel Core that can work independently.

Your screen is a IPS, with HD resolution 720 p and 12.5 inches. Includes 4 GB of RAM, a 128 GB SSD drive and a battery of 28 Wh with autonomy for up to 10 hours of continuous use. It weighs 800 grams.

Its keyboard dock has an additional up to 1 TB hard drive, although unfortunately not mounting any kind of extra battery. Its thickness is only 7 millimeters, and the QWERTY keyboard is full with a trackpad of generous dimensions, taking into account the diagonal of the device.

By the smartphone, similar in design to the ZenFone of 5 inches, features with a chipset Intel Atom Moorefield, hardware that is 64-bit support for when the Android operating system is ready. For the time being, comply with 4.4 Android KitKat running in 32-bit under the mask of Zen UI.

Its screen is of type IPS with HD resolution 720 p, 5-inch diagonal, and it also has 2 GB of memory RAM, a remarkable 64 GB of internal storage, a 2500 mAh battery and 8 and 2 megapixel cameras.

This is a case of 11 millimeters thick and weighing 140 grams.

ASUS Transformer Book V, availability and prices

The Taiwanese manufacturer It has not released any information about the availability and final price of its convertible more versatile solution, even if we assume that it takes a few months still to reach our markets.

It’ll surely at a high price, according to its innovative concept and its eagerness to become more universal device.