Asus Nexus 7 32G

Paul O’Brien of MoDaCo reports that one store Latvian (Yes, you read that right, Latvia) has included in its catalog on Nexus 7 3 g to 32 GB, stating the price in 312 €. Always the same store would later lowered the Nexus 7 from 16 GB to 240 €. This leads us to ask: and the inevitable Nexus 7 by 32 GB but not 3 g?

Any speculation is as good as the other, and we could hardly believe indicative prices appeared on an anonymous site Latvian, but combining these figures with the hypotheses circulated past we can at least try to guess.

The Nexus 7 by 32 GB seems destined to replace the model 16 price, then I will add it to 250 €, putting him right in the middle. Under him there are 8 and 16 GB models, of course: If the latter disappears completely (as his absence from the Play Store seemed to understand), theNexus 7 from 16 GB could drop well 50€ and settle on 199 €, or stay more halfway (about 230 €) in the case of non-departure of the 8 GB version.

More expensive 32 GB model should be the 16 GB 3 g and 3 g 32 GB. Taking as a price ceiling that Latvian store if the Nexus 7 32 GB 3 g to be sold from Themotorcyclers around 310 €, then the 16 GB model, always 3 g, would presumably be under € 300, probably very close to the 32 GB model without mobile network.

Last interesting fact: the tablet is indicated as available by November 12, a sign so that Google wouldn’t want to wait (and can you blame him).

In short, between 200 € and just over 300 € we would have a whole range of Nexus 7, with and without connection to the cellular network, and with various cuts of memory: an aggression rather decided to market, both in connection with the launch of iPad Mini that ahead of the holiday season. Are you aiming for a particular one? Besides what amount you would not be willing to go just to buy up?