ASUS is Working on a Third Nexus 7?

As LG has marked the recent history of smartphone Nexus, with Nexus 4 and especially 5 Nexus, ASUS had a similar impact on tablets, with two Nexus 7 whose success has not been replicated nor by Samsung and HTC, although with these company Google has pointed to a larger format, first by 10 seconds and then by 9 sec.

Jonney Shih, Chairman and CEO of historic ASUS, is keen to point out in an interview that there exists a great relationship with Google, and asks us to “stay tuned” on future products. An allusion that can only Tickle our fancy. Shih also explains that producing the first two Nexus 7 was not easy:

With the first Nexus 7, we were excited about this product, enclosing quality and functionality to $199. With the latter we have added a full HD screen. But for the next serve lots of threads. Stay tuned.

Jonney Shih

A third Nexus 7 is therefore coming? Possible, but best not to get caught up too much enthusiasm for the time being, given that the date could be very far away.