Astro Epic Story, Manage Your Space Colony in New of Kairosoft

Kairosoft It is one of the developers of games for mobile more prolific. Specializing in simulation and with a great catalog, which unfortunately is not available in full on Android, eventually surprise us little gems such as Grand Prix Story, Hot Springs Story or Pocket League Story.

This time the Japanese study released last week a new title in the Android Market: Astro epic Story. A game where you have to build and manage a space colony. A new proposal with the common denominator of the simulation such as game mechanics.

Astro epic Story puts us in charge of a space colony unexplored. In it, with the help of our settlers, we should explore it, build houses and produce different products for their livelihood. As we progress different alien races will visit us for sightseeing and therefore make money to continue to make progress.

On our way to the colony, and as we go exploring territories, We will fight different enemies. The fighting are simple and only have to worry about setting up the equipment and the level of our settlers.

In addition to exploring our colony also we can travel through space to enter into diplomatic relations with other races or also to fight against them since they are not all peaceful. As most Kairosoft games, is not especially difficult and with a bit of skill we will overcome the different challenges that we put forward.

In terms of aesthetics and design we are, once again, with the hallmarks of Kairosoft: 2D graphics pixelated in isometric perspective, which work well and give you a particular charm the Japanese company games.

Those who already know the work of Kairosoft know that the standard of quality is good and EPIC Astro Story doesn’t disappoint. Aside from this, if you like simulation and I like the idea of creating a colony don’t it view because l title deserves the 3.49 euros worth in the Android Market.

EPIC Astro 1.0 Storyversion

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: Kairosoft
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: 3,49€
  • Category: Games