Articles for Parties by Boutique Party

We started the week with a party … uhuuulll … and today our guess is especially for moms, grannies, aunties, decorators, owners of buffet … anyway … for all those who, directly or indirectly, find themselves involved in a children’s event. Time to throw a party for the kids is always that crazy and we can’t forget any details. We need to think on the spot, in the guests, food, beverage, in ornaments, decoration, toys that will amuse the kids, in some sort of special attraction, and so many other things more … ufaaa … There is patience and a willingness to run after all this! The fact is that no matter the size of the party, whether it’s a boy or a girl, the highlight is the articles chosen for the event. Plates, cups, napkins, bags, towels, candles, balloons, party favors … nothing can be forgotten. So, thinking of giving aqueeele “help” for those who are in search of party articles with variety and cheap, today we want to introduce you to the BOUTIQUE of the PARTY, a store of Campo Grande (MS) specializes in ARTICLES for PARTIES!

In the BOUTIQUE of the PARTY you are paper muffin cups, balloons, candles, bottles, cans, cupcake wrapper or other decor accessories, plus the full line of disposable products with varied themes, including BABY SHOWER! And to further facilitate the work of those involved in organizing the event, the store also offers a customization service, such as the creation of labels, stickers, tags and labels with the theme of the party. It’s not a wonder he could find and fix everything in a same place? We were always used to buy party items over the internet, but it was always the same story: pay sedex and wait days for the arrival of the order. When we know the BOUTIQUE of the PARTY we were delighted after all the shop offers a variety of products and price super friends, leaving very very cheaper than buying virtual! Experience, huh people?! #ficaadica The PARTY BOUTIQUE also delivers to the entire Brazil, so if anybody out there who live outside of Big Field like products and want to make a request, just contact the store. We are sure you will love it, just put the creativity into practice. The result is a lovely party, made with very whim, and – of course – the realization of the dream of the children!!!

Check out some suggestions that we recorded in the BOUTIQUE of the PARTY!!!

Worth checking out personally the plethora of options that the BOUTIQUE the PARTY offers, has muiiita sweet thing! The hard part is deciding what to bring you piraaarrr!!!

The BOUTIQUE of the PARTY is on Avenida Ceará, paragraph 1048 (almost corner with Rua da Paz), Santa Fe Neighborhood, Campo Grande-MS.