Art as Poetic Decoration

Kicks off the crust of dust, discovers the floor, changes everything. And let the Sun, the simplicity and the art surrounded by green, characteristic of the Botanical Garden, where it is located, dominate the landscape of this House set poetry, spacious, well decorated by vocation.

When the architect Roberta Moura first visited the site, found a beautiful space, but careless, cluttered, no function, worn. Free spans, objective and divisions a integration between the living and the proposed garden from the balcony were on the way, contemplative and were recovered with good ideas and the silences, filled with works of art: passion declared as resident.

Entrepreneur, lover of forms, volumes and colours, it signals that there’s a kind of magnetized radar that does capture what is good and beautiful. Of all the property could offer, she wanted the freedom to take a walk in the garden at any time and to see the children grow up with plenty of room for mischief.Daughter’s room, for example, she can play bike around, including the round rug. Film for exploring, Roberta had. And did the best, because you know join mastery of technique with the intentions of the resident. So, roughly speaking, the white, the straight lines and the dialogue with the works of art (acquired by resident since 2004) are the strengths present in the livings in the backyard, in the TV room and bedrooms.

Discover this House is more than an exercise in observation: it is the realization that the time for contemplation and daily contact with nature are the basic necessities to those who live there.

Living Is An Art Installation

The House was adapted to the geography of neighbourhood, full of ups and downs, of closed curves and wooded. This, by the way, was crucial to the entry. Before the room was full, it is necessary to show up two stairways and be received by hall with Portuguese tiles. Bends to the right and the living comes with a stunning space with corners determined by artistic interventions and nuances highlighted by an incredible natural light during the day, from the Windows side. At night, the scenery changes with the technical lighting project designed by Maneco Quinderé.

There’s no way: the decoration emphasizes the essence of art, which has been elegantly scattered to the four corners. See the red frame and white artist Gabriela Machado on the central wall. The work also set the tone for the furniture with the same colors, punctuating the couch, coffee table and the classic Couch Barcelona. In vain following, was designed practically a gallery unique works, such as the frame with the banners of Volpi. It’s as if the artists caught the visitor by the hand and leading to the dining room and balcony.

Dinner With The Classics Of Design

If the room is somewhat surprising, the surroundings enchant by the eclectic and stylish in this piece of paradise. The dining room, the long balcony, hot and inviting, the garden of beauty and eyes fill the ears with the birdsong … it all makes sense as it traverses the environments.

To compose the placeholder at mealtimes, Roberta launched the look to the furniture design, as the Saarinen (Eeron Saarinem) and chairs DCW, signed by Charles & Ray Eames. Seems simple in concept, but the glamour was topped with lightnings that belonged to a former hotel in Porto Alegre, purchased at a thrift store, and the other works of art on the walls. Hence, it is impossible to ignore the bright light of midday coming from the garden and across the balcony, where, by the way, the family gathers for breakfast.

The Saarinen and the chairs are of Contemporary File, DCW and chandeliers were purchased at a thrift store. The Red sculpture and winding is the artist Tenreiro. Round and white box is signed by Márcia Xavier

The Balcony Explored The Length

The balcony is, without doubt, one of the most attractive places of the House and only stimulus for the garden. Roberta says that the floor was maintained. But the large sliding doors, which were white, were painted in blue, which gave one up in visual. To decorate, she divided the length in three environments, starting with the lunch room, with marble-topped round table and wooden base, with white fabric-covered chairs.Be contemplative, next door, was made to forget that there is stress, either by white, by cozy sofa, the side chairs or the table full of magazines. Ramachandran concluded the composition with carpet, trimmer and more works of art. And that’s just a preview of warmth outdoors to come in the garden.

The balcony was the chosen space to lay out the table and chairs that accompany the owner there are long dates and thus generate a charming lunch room. The frame is from Angelo de Aquino. In the small living room, the coffee table is the Artifact, and other furniture also were already resident. The wall sculpture is Lole de Freitas. At the end, the big screen and the other little silver, in addition to the acrylic sculpture, between the Windows, are of Eduardo Sued

That More Green Full Of Grace

Imagine a robust tree, Centennial and whose roots, so high, spread through the ground and generate shelter for other species of beautiful and colorful flowers. Imagine a land divided into their gaps, with central square surrounded by green and in which the European-style dialogue with the rich, healthy way rain and with nuances of shades discovered at every turn. So is the backyard of the House designed by the architect’s Office.In Creepers, chips and sleepers lead to contact with flora and fruits properly spread. Only the square with your grey concrete, clashes with the intense green. But on the other hand, going up the stairs, Roberta left, unpretentiously, two wooden deck chairs covered in toile de jouy fabrics and, next, the trio of terracotta in color highlighted sources wall and surrounded by bromeliads, the tree in which the branches gained drops decorative crystal. The lesson? Is with comfort that enjoy nature.

The garden was the last environment to be resolved by the Office of the architect. The idea was to distribute flowers around the century-old trees

To play, including a bike

Follow towards the rooms means climbing the ladder connected to the input.Strategic passage for the couple, always invited to fashion events, which tend to roll into the wee hours. Three runners after the first surprise: the daughter’s room. It’s playful, is colorful, is spacious, it is safe. Everything that a child wants to live the boyhood in all your fullness. Contemporary traits, like the wall stickers of the flowers applied on the walls, the round rug pink and white from top to bottom: the cabinets to curtains. There’s also a princess given in the mirror of the dressing table. Notice that, here, the order is to play; so, the girl, who dreams up, wouldn’t a big bed, which, incidentally, was prepared in the corner of the wall. It was preferable to an open area to spread the toys and stimulate the senses. The result is children’s freedom. And if the film generous happy, the proprietor is also happy with the closet (divided into dressing space and niches for clothes and accessories) and the suite.

Style Is Having Sensitivity

To decipher the closet, you need to know the history of the resident. Between art and fashion, she prefers the two. Like so much that, with eagle eye, discover talents that identify with the subject. So, she gives a little push, sponsoring the new designers. The initiative is commendable. In the proposal, she wanted a closet with functional furniture, as the Chair and the Polish lilac and lime-green magazine rack. The sliding door comes with mirror supported by pulleys, and the closet itself is full of niches that take advantage of the law to focus on the bags. Next, dresses, luggage compartments and plenty of space with glass jewels, scarves and t-shirts.
No tissues, colours, many “frilly”. The room is for a maximum of 8 hours and still with my eyes closed and horizontally. Therefore, only the necessary: created and dumb alike, light fixtures and a bed with idem with wooden headboard relief and in the same tonality of the floor. The footboard Orange fabric and white base won. For any a, the wall on the headboard would ask for a picture or a MIME. But by the works of art scattered around the House, is a wise option; the art here is to be shared, and the House, to be used with pleasure.