Ariana Grande Shoes in Sam and Cat

Girls and prodigy girls that become big super star: Hollywood is full of them. From the famous Britney Spears to her “rival” Christina Aguilera, from Demi Lovato to Miley Cyrus, all these super star today have in common a career in entertainment began in early age.

Another feature of these artists is that it has had some moments not quite easy in their lives, including psychological meltdowns and eating disorders, as well as sudden changes of style and not always successful (who does not remember the bald Britney or Aguilera style punk?).

How not to be shocked in comparing the naive and sweet girl who was Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana the reckless girl who goes around half naked today? It seems to be a super star of the music you have to show everyone, absolutely everyone, with their talents.

As this year has noticed a mighty presence of women at the top of the charts and how they are talking so much about issues like feminism through music, not least that of Beyoncé who made almost a feature of their performance, the pop star model that works is always to the beautiful girl, though it may have a voice of a nightingale, must necessarily divest to gain visibility.

A striking example is precisely the protagonist of our reflection: Ariana Grande.

After its debut as an actress in Victorious and Sam & Cat she became famous for her role as Cat Valentine, and since then also his musical career began to take off.
In his first public appearances as Ariana style has always been characterized by a touch almost princely, halfway between that of a little girl with sweet eyes to Bambi and a princess with long, thick hair.

Too bad that the combination of today has lost everything. In the last year the Great comes with the ‘album My Everything for which sports a completely new look: super short skirt, high heels and boots over the knee, Iamhigher takes something of the style 60s but in key decidedly modern and a lot more sexy .

It ‘just the sensuality that becomes the battle horse of the singer , the duet with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea in “Problem”, up to the super hot video of “Love me harder”.

Despite its indisputable singing ability (thanks to which very often is compared to the diva Mariah Carey – which, surprisingly, does not please either of the two), his clothes become more performance skimpy performance and more transparent, heels more high and its image more and more “grown” and not very suitable, in opinion of the writer, at his age (21 years).

What do you think? But really one with his voice needs to show more than necessary to his young age to get noticed?