AR WallaMe Wall Decor

We hear more and more often of augmented reality and virtual reality, the difference between the two is stark and the first approach is perhaps easier. There are already so many application that use the so-called ‘ AR (Augmented Reality) and not all of them are made by giants of the web and names, even independent developers are launching on this ground by following a trend now clear.

My attention is so fall on Aceinland, a multi-platform App created by Italian developer who decided to use the AR in key social, placing images in the real world thanks ranking system that we all have inside our mobile devices. There are still many users, but talk of the usual notes has become almost a foregone conclusion, the challenge is pretty flush out similar software well made and able to make a real difference.

How does that work

The idea is simple. Having an active network connection you can open the application and press the ‘ + ‘ sign located at the bottom of the navigation bar. This way you will access the rear camera to take a picture of a wall, a landscape, a monument, something that is fixed and not moving. Acquired the image you can draw a ‘ free hand ‘ leveraging Sharpie/rubber, or add a photo or a sticker so as to customize the image.

The social aspect comes into play, once created our content you can publish it by making it visible to the whole community of WallaMe or limit the vision to our contacts. Interesting option, which allows you to use ‘ private ‘ tied to events that you do not want to make public. The first thing that came to my mind is a treasure hunt with augmented reality, with WallaMe you could hide digital clues around the town and datamined in the most unthinkable.

In addition to that you can share them on WallaMe you can take advantage of the classical key that opens the door to all other applications ‘ social ‘ installed on our smartphones, but in that case only the picture will be sent and will miss the references on their localization. To go to see the ‘ digital ‘ murals just find the precise point and activate the augmented view is with the dedicated button (one eye immediately to the left of the ‘ + ‘).

Being essentially a social we also have a home with the stream of images made public, the section with the most popular ones and the last entered into the system. There are still many, but all platforms have had their beginnings and hope that our test can be a good omen.

I tried the application on Android and I must say that it works really well, in a few weeks I suffered only one or two crash with a dozen or more openings even though we are only to version 1.1.3 (note that weighs 84 MB, ben 99.8 MB on iOS).

Note: this is the first evidence of App for the new column, every week we’ll try to talk about a new software and, of course, we also expect your cooperation: there are thousands of apps, it will therefore be essential to recognize the most interesting. Leave us your feedback and suggestions in the comments.