Aquatop Radio: How to Choose the Right Faucet

The current range of faucets is not easy to choose the right one. Batteries vary in appearance, price, materials used, but also the properties and above all quality. We have prepared for you a few tips on how to go about selecting the battery.

Most of us would prefer levied by appearance, we women so we mostly;). However, we focus primarily on life should surface, tightness, durability in time, water saving and comfort control. It is also useful to know the nature and type of the battery where appropriate. Mixers are divided by place and way location, on the basin, sink, shower, tub and bidet. According to distinguish the location of the wall (which are fixed to the wall with plaster) standing, (they are installed directly on a sink or bathtub) and concealed (in this type of technology is hidden under the tiles). In terms of water regulation distinguish battery mixed and thermostats. According to the control method can be divided into battery withers or lever. Lever mixers are the trend of our times. Excel tightness, quality and comfort of use. Whereas classical withers is rather chosen for aesthetic reasons.


The quality is needed to pay more, how many times we have heard in my life, or even yourself saying, “We are not so rich that we can afford to buy cheap things.” Good battery can be recognized by the type of cartridge that is in high-quality ceramic lever mixer. If the plastic can not withstand the influence of scale etc. It is also important from what was made flesh, with high-quality battery is used or brass resistant alloys.


Mixers are available in two sizes – 100 mm or 150 mm, which is identical to the pitch faucet connections (output wiring from the wall – It is very important to choose the right size, although the reduction can be purchased, the appearance of the battery is not disturbed.


The range of the batteries in our market is really wide and align the battery with the design of the bathroom is not always easy. We should adhere to basic rules. Most batteries are shiny silver color, size should match the size of the device on which they are installed. If we are sanitary ware and accessories angular or rounded shape, battery should also tune with this shape. We always recommend to buy a battery from one series and not to mix different designs.


The easiest handling even the biggest savings for the water offering thermostatic faucets. Therefore, the optimal solution to showers and baths, it should be noted that a higher price.

When controlling your thermostat initially choose to scale the desired temperature and set a satisfactory flow (intensity). Thermostat using a thermo-element automatically adjusts the flow of hot and cold water (thermoelement, which mixes water is called mechanics working on the principle of thermal expansion of special materials).

A common part of these batteries is a button that restricts water flow. This reduces water and energy consumption by up to half. Experts suggest therefore, that investment in thermostatic faucets will return in one to two years!


1) Measure the spacing battery (faucet connections) – 100 or 150 mm

2) Select a color corresponding to the color of your bathroom.

3) Select the battery from one series and from one manufacturer.

4) Make sure that the price is inclusive of accessories. Some batteries are sold without accessories, which may have an advantage that, for example, by selecting bath mixer shower hose and head yourself. All types but must include the reduction and caps designed to connect the battery to the water supply.

5) Find out what the warranty period. For quality batteries that should last for decades, manufacturers can afford an extended warranty of five years.

6) Ask your dealer for service (availability and approximate price of spare parts).