Apple’s Wozniak Shows the Gadgets in Its Backpack

If you were one of Apple’s co-founders, what would you carry in your backpack? Steve Wozniak , Woz, responded to the company’s fans in a column on the Gizmodo website which he takes daily in his bag. The list, which contains iPods, iPads, iPhones and many other devices, is large, and probably quite heavy (according to him, about 22 kg of gadgets).

In addition to linking the devices, Woz sent the site a photo of a part of the products that are always with you.In it, there are seven smartphones, two MP3 players, two tablets, a notebook, internet connection cards, GPS devices and many, but many connectors and wires to connect it all.

The Wozniak backpack also has GameBoys, binoculars, ear protectors, headphones, Bluetooth mouse, thousands of pencils, pens, pointers and pads, batteries of various types, memory card and USB adapters for iPad, small accessories for iPhone , sunglasses … and according to him, none of that goes unused – “even though the Bluetooth mouse is very close to it.”

The Apple co-founder himself joked in the publication that he had to go through the countless metal detectors and security at American airports with a backpack so heavy and so stuffed with electronic content, reported by PHONECATIONS. “Sometimes it takes a while to get everything out of the bag.” You can not even imagine how much, can you?