Apple’s Latest Update To iOS 9.3

Apple announced the update on iOS 9.3. The operating system of the iPhone and iPad has been improved in many places and bugs have been fixed. Also, also new features will be added. Here, everything about iOS learn 9.3.

With the new update of the operating system, including notes, health, news, and Apple music be improved. In addition, a new feature is available with night shift. Thus you can change at night the colors of the display, so that can affect more pleasant on the eyes and on the sleep. The following learn now about all the news and changes of the new updates.


Night shift

Night shift is a new feature with the update, you’ll get. When her night shift, location services and watch of your iOS device are used to determine when the Sun at your site goes down. The colors of your display be changed automatically after sunset, making even your sleep could be improved. So far, the blue shares in the light of the display may be providing insomnia. Now, that may be changing with the night shift. The function is as follows: in the settings of iOS 9.3-> display & brightness-> night shift. On location services, time and weather data, the sunset is calculated. Therefore, the function via settings -> Privacy -> location services -> system services the time zone must have access to the location information.

Changes and improvements


Notes can be protected in future through touch ID or a code. Furthermore your notes will be sort, alphabetically as well as by build or revision date. A new workspace to open quickly through a swipe or tap “New drawing”. Lists can now also use the new checklists button easier and faster to create. A thumbnail will be shown by a holding down on an attachment or an image in a note. Also can be selected now whether photos and videos that were recorded within the Notes app, be added only in the app or to “Photos”.


In the photos, there are some new features. Where you on a Live Photo click “Duplicate” types, you can extract a still image. Also downloaded photos and videos better and faster in their original size from the iCloud-library. Also the release of live photos between iOs and OS X via AirDrop and news is new.


Apple’s news was also improved after the update. Under “for you” in the new area of “Top stories” the most important stories of the day are listed you. Her strokes left a story then after this is released or backed up. After wiping her right, more options are shown you. Stories and videos can be shown on the iPhone in landscape mode. You get exciting stories under “Tip”. There you will get a selection of themes of Apple’s editors. Now the size of the text for article can also be change to facilitate reading.


With iBooks, PDFs in iCloud can be secured, so you can access them from all units now. Retrieving previously purchased audiobooks from the iBooks store is supported in the future. These purchased audiobooks can release from the family share on all family members. In addition, new controls for a more comfortable reading with faster browsing and simple options to enlarge text are available. Important text passages can mark you now with the Apple pencil and note for later.

Apple music

From the Apple music catalog songs can be now added to playlists, without add them first in your media library. In the music catalogue you can also see which songs are currently very popular. On the iPad, you can show music videos after the update in full-screen mode. In the field of “Radio”, it is also directly to what runs on beats 1, without having to switch it.


With the new update from Apple are displayed in the health app third-party apps for selected data, such as weight, exercise or sleep. Third-party applications can now also access activity rings and summaries of the Apple Watch with HealthKit. Activity data and objectives of the Apple Watch are displayed on the dashboard. It’s easy to get access to the dashboard and the emergency Passport now quite easily possible directly from the home screen quick access.


Apple the Apple music subscribers in CarPlay provides access to the areas of “New” and “for you”. On the maps app you can find quick and easy parking or homes, gas stations, restaurants, Cafés and many other places across the new screen “in the vicinity”, which could be important for you on a drive. In CarPlay Siri speaks in shortened form, when you give back to dictate messages and when you send messages.

Other improvements and bug fixes

As if that were not enough news, Apple puts on it still a shovel on the new update. In addition to the improvements referred to numerous, also the keyboard was refreshed. Now allows you by using the arrow keys in the mail, to browse Safari and spotlight. In your emails can you now also with the space bar scroll using the SPACEBAR. In Safari, use the SPACEBAR to scroll has been improved. Unhide the software keyboard from the short command bar when the hardware keyboard is now also possible.

The maps app has been improved also with the update. Now, specific targets and stops are highlighted, as soon as you type on a particular route. Also appears now, whether there are various options for public transport itineraries.

Other small improvements and enhancements have been made also in wallet, Apple pay, podcasts, activity, Siri, and others. Also, of course all errors in the system and accessibility were made as best as possible to improve the performance and stability of the iPhones and iPads.


With Apple’s latest update, this time a lot is being offered you. The update is around 310 MB on an iPhone 6 S with previously latest iOS operating system. 284 MB it turns out something less than on an iPad air. Make sure that you have a battery of at least 50 percent and are best connected to Wi-Fi as a mobile data connection is required. If this is given, can you quickly download the update you on your device and the innovations and improvements take advantage of and enjoy.