Apple’s Clock Hasn’t Had Impact on Chinese Pulses

BEIJING-Apple gave prominence to China during the presentation of the intelligent clock company this week, announcing a new store in the country and showing messages in Chinese in the application WeChat.

In addition, Apple stated that the new clock will be sold in China as of April 24, the same day that in the United States. This marks a change before the release of the iPhone 6, which hit the Chinese shops almost a month after starting to be sold in the United States.

But even in the country, and Apple fanatic which is the second largest market after the U.S., brand seems to be still too early to say whether the company’s watches are a mandatory accessory.

In addition to questions about whether the device is an item of clothing or an electronic device, the Apple Watch carries a salty price in China. The cheaper model, Sport, will sell for slightly less than 3,000 yuan ($ 479), including taxes, up from $349 in the United States. The most luxurious model will cost 145,000 yuan ($ 23,157), compared with $17000 in USA.

That’s a lot to pay for a digital product that can become quickly outdated if Apple does what it does with their smart phones and launch a new model every year.

There are also other practical problems for the Chinese. Since the screen size to the lack of a killer application.

“It is almost impossible to send messages through the WeChat with a screen so small,” said Huang Hongwen, 46, in Shanghai. “I’d rather buy a traditional luxury watch for the same price,” she said about the most expensive Edition of Apple’s clock.

The company is also releasing your clock in a time when austerity and anti-corruption campaign of the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, estigmatizou the ostentation and excessive consumption by authorities, which form a considerable part of the luxury market in the country.

Many in China are reminiscent of “Watch Brother”, the nickname given to a regional authority online sentenced to 14 years in prison for corruption in 2013 after footage of him using more than a dozen expensive watches appeared on the Internet.