Apple Will Pay 350 Million for the Name iPad

A twist between Apple and the Chinese company Proview Shenzhen is now over. Now Apple has the rights to the “iPad” in China.

Apple has paid the Chinese company Shenzhen 350 million crowns for Proview, to settle a dispute over the right to the name iPad in China. How to write the BBC.

The story began in 2000 when the Proview developed a tablet computer and launched it with the name IPAD, however, achieved a limited success.

So in 2009 they sold their trademarks, including iPad and IPAD to the Apple-owned British company Application Development (IPAD) for around 300,000 DKK. Write our site.

The following year the Chinese authorities still rejected an application from Apple, about the right to use the iPad trademark in China, since it is still, after the authorities ‘ conviction, was owned by Proview Shenzhen.

But the dispute is now resolved, as confirmed by Proview.

-“The matter has been resolved, and both sides are satisfied with the result,” said lawyer Ma Dongxiao to BBC.

The dispute between the companies has led to Apple’s iPad has not been sold in certain places in China.