Apple Watch For iPod

The Apple Watch not only can be as fancy fitness Tracker or phone replacement use, but also very well suited as iPod alternative. Because the Smartwatch allows you to easily control the music on your iPhone directly from the wrist. We explain what you need to know to play music with the Apple Watch and give you also a few practical tips on the hand.

Music with the Apple Watch: so it goes

To get music from the Apple Watch on your ears, the music app opens first at Percomputer. This is always from the homescreen. It is but also even easier by her strokes on the display briefly upward. Should be on your iPhone already a song be played, then this is the Apple Watch automatically on the screen to see. If you want to hear a new song, then you can ask easily Siri. For example with the command “Hey Siri, ‘All my ducks’ games”.

With the digital Crown, which is located on the upper right side of the Smartwatch, you can also choose between artists, albums, lists and titles. When you type, for example, on albums, you can then see an overview of the existing albums. Through this can you scroll with the digital Crown. Did you find something suitable, then it taps on and then you can see the respective track list on the display. Tap the desired title and start the song.

Save playlists

Also playlists can be saved on the Apple Watch. For this, you must connect the Smartwatch first with a charger. Next, you the Apple Watch app open on your iPhone. Here you type on the “Music” menu. Then, you tap the “Synchronized list”. Now, you can choose the list which should be saved on the Apple Watch.

Then you can choose between music on the Smartwatch and on the iPhone. For this purpose, only a slightly firmer pressure on the display of the Apple Watch is necessary. Now tap the “Source” button and you see the two choices “Apple Watch” and “iPhone”. Tap “Apple Watch”, then on “Settings” and choose here the desired connected device.


Playing music via the music app on the home screen of the Apple Watch

Alternatively you can let play a song also by voice command

Using the digital Crown you can choose between albums, lists, artists and titles

You can save also a playlist from the iPhone to the Apple Watch