Apple Watch First Impressions

Many have been waiting for months and finally after the presentation in September 2014 – Friday 26 June arrived in Italy the much anticipated Apple Watch. After a few days of use and a couple of racing, time for a quick review with first impressions.

The aesthetics of the Apple smartwatch is definitely the most striking element: every single detail is designed and built to be perfect and – as a whole – conveys a feeling of modernity without being necessarily feel Michael Knight calling KITT talking to a futuristic clock. Indeed, in some ways, the steel version ( has a very retro taste and you realize to wear a design object that will not go out of fashion, because it is he himself who define fashion. In short, Jony Ive did a great job once again.

But how are you?

Let’s say that to answer this question it is necessary to distinguish between everyday use and sports because the two worlds have very different results while being United by the general approach.

Everyday use

Regardless of its traditional use as a watch, since there are items that measure the time with equal effectiveness that cost a penny compared to Apple Watch – the smartwatch in Cupertino is a great control center that allows you to have an overview on notifications and phone functionality without necessarily picking up iPhone. Alerts, notifications, alarms and social activities are always under control. Under your control. Because the specific? Because you can set the device to be discreet and not disturb so arrogant, and alert you every 2 minutes to receive an email or someone has mentioned on Twitter.

I have tried many smartwatch and – I don’t speak from a small bullet Apple fanboy – this is the only one that I can use without feeling oppressed by a technology that is imposed on me (but also without being a jerk). Is a useful tool even if it does nothing that the iPhone already does, simply lets you do it faster and with ease – and I don’t think this is the least.

By swiping your finger downwards see notifications, while upward access looks: a collection of customizable fast apps that let you quickly access key tasks.

“But by heart rate monitor, activity, ride, etc when you talk?” you ask. Right now!

The sport use

Apple Watch has the heart rate sensor is included, and then you’d think to be a cardio-GPS with lots of potential for a runner advanced. But this is not the case. First of all, because it has no integrated GPS sensor (forcing you to run even with iPhone) and because app developers don’t have access to the data from the heart rate sensor.

We have a device that integrates perfectly with your daily life and treats the sport in the same way and that I really like. The “activities” reminds you when to move, get up and rewards you when you do. The Health app integration you constantly monitors and, when you decide to go for a run, accompanies you with the fundamental teachings, without – even here – blow your brains with 2000 data, views, and alerts.

The app for training is very simple: choose what kind of sport do you do (indoor or outdoor, indoor or outdoor bike ride, hike, elliptical machines, rowing machines, steppers) and then give yourself a goal of time, calories, distance. And parts. Or do you do it without any goal.

While you train you can clearly see – one by one – data about pace, distance, speed, heart rate and calories consumed (but who runs by looking at them?) and alerts you when you reach the limits that you, informing you of the progress during the activity. In short, Apple has followed his philosophy of simplifying everything, making it accessible and hassle-free.

Ultimately Apple Watch is a great tool, easy for everyone, which deals with all the activities of our lives complicated with discretion and elegance.

But if you want a cardio-GPS only to run, perhaps it is better if you go here.