Apple Watch Connection to iPhone

Although the long-awaited smart watch Apple Watch to travel several days to its buyers around the world, we are not sure that still many Bulgarians have gotten a new widget on famed California company. However, we decided to prepare concise and clear user setup, connection and synchronization of clock with smart smart phone.

Before you begin:

  • The smart watch Apple Watch can be connected only with smart phones iPhone, a version 5 or higher (iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus). It is necessary the presence of operating system iOS 8.2 or higher. To the iPhone can be connected to only one Apple Watch at the same time.
  • Check whether Bluetooth on the iPhone is active! You can make the menu Settings> Bluetooth> Bluetooth on.
  • Check that the iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile network! (See how much to get an iPhone at Internetdict)
  • Plug the Apple Watch by pressing the side button that is located next to (sub) crown Digital Crown. Hold the button until a logo of Apple. Wait Apple Watch to load to display the language selection.
  • Check that both devices are loaded. Place them close together to start seamless connectivity and synchronization.

Step by Step

1. Open the Apple Watch App on Your iPhone.

It is integrated into iOS, and this shows the importance of Apple Watch for the technology giant desired language on the screen of Apple Watch. To do this you can use a crown or screen.

2. Pairing devices

Press the button Start Pairing of Apple Watch, and then the iPhone. Animation for pairing will appear on the screen of Apple Watch.

3. iPhone over Apple Watch

Here comes the strange but unique part of the connection. The screen of the iPhone will appear something like a shooting mode. Serve Apple Watch behind the rear camera on the iPhone. Try have to accommodate the animation on the screen of Apple Watch in the framework of the START LED on the iPhone. If things get exactly you will receive a successful connection.

If there is no animation on the screen of Apple Watch or iPhone does not count, you will need to perform manual process of pairing the devices. He was described at the end of this page.

4. Initial and Selecting Wrist

If the procedure is successful here should adjust the Apple Watch. Buttons with similar titles will appear on the screen on the iPhone. If you connect the devices for the first time will receive a button “the Set Up Apple’s Watch”. The other option would have the option to restore settings from a backup, and the button will be “Restore from Backur”. When setting the first step is to choose the arm, which will be worn. You’ll have to agree with the terms and conditions for use of the device.

5. Enter Your Apple ID Password

Entering the password is needed to be able to use features such as Digital Touch, Apple Pay and Handoff.

6. Review Settings

After entering the password for the Apple ID page will appear with the necessary confirmations from some system applications. Select the desired settings Usage and Diagnostics, Location Services and Siri, and they will be transferred from the iPhone to Apple Watch (and vice versa). Any changes will be reflected on both devices.

7. Post Code Passcode!

Passcode is required for functions such as Apple Pay. The screen of the iPhone, you can select buttons “Create a Passcode” or “Add a Long Passcode”, and the code itself creates the display of the Apple Watch (insert 2 times). You can enable the ability to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch. The creation of the Passcode may be skipped.

8. Synchronize Applications

Select “Trade shows All the Install”, to sync the iPhone with Apple Watch. This will be valid only for compatible applications. If you select “Choose Later”, synchronization will happen only data Mail, Contacts, and Messages.

After a few minutes of timing and the duration depends on the volume of information from applications that devices must exchange. Again remind you that for a seamless procedure well the devices are to each other. Beep and vibration clock will indicate completion of the procedure.


We suggest you look at Apple Watch app on the iPhone, to learn and try out any additional settings and options.

Manual Pairing of Apple Watch and Apple iPhone

  1. Plug the Apple Watch, select the desired language and choose “Start Pairing” on both devices!
  2. Select “Pair Apple Watch Manually” screen iPhone!
  3. Select the icon “Info” (I) on the screen of Apple Watch, which should appear dial!
  4. Choose from the iPhone’s screen name on your Apple Watch, you will see the screen of the smart watch!
  5. 6-digit code will appear on the screen of Apple Watch. Enter it on the screen of the iPhone!