Apple Watch? Android Wear? Pebble? A Buying Advice

The Apple Watch, a Smartwatch with Android wear or would you prefer a pebble? CURVED helps you in choosing the appropriate Smartwatch.

Wearables are trendy and Apple fired him with the Apple Watch just tremendously. But the Cupertino Smartwatch is not the only smart watch that you can put her on the wrist. A look at the other models is worth and is sometimes necessary when you plug not the best smartphone in your Pocket have.

Apple Watch: on the iPhone

The Apple Watch works only in conjunction with the iPhone. A connection to Android smartphones is currently not planned. Compared to other Smartwatches Apple Watch sport is the Apple Watch more expensive – and this not only at the Golden Apple Watch Edition, which costs a five-figure sum, but also at the 399-euro entry model.

The smart watch from Cupertino are three models to choose from: the Apple Watch sport has an aluminum body and a sports bracelet made of plastic. When the Apple Watch Cabinet is made of stainless steel and you can choose materials such as leather or metal next to the sports armband. The Apple Watch Edition are the sports armband and different leather straps available. Here, the housing is made of 18-carat rose or yellow gold ensures the high price.

Overlooking the features, the new Crown, force touch and the Taptic engine in the range of Smartwatches are currently unique. Apple referred to the drückbare wheel on the side of the Apple Watch her navigate through the menu and the apps as Crown. Force touch ensures that detects the touch screen, how strongly hitting him and accordingly different actions. The Taptic engine is a vibration motor inside the watch, which indicates you on the wrist on incoming messages and communicate with other sources of the Apple Watch is used, if you by Aruba for example your heartbeat.

For iPhone owners, hardly a way at the Apple Watch passes – please skip the section on Android wear for the only exception. The Smartwatch from Cupertino is very high-quality processed, meshed perfectly with the iPhone, brings but several teething problems with it, like the first testers report.

Android wear: The Smartwatches from the Google universe

As the name suggests Android wear, Smartwatches are provided with the operating system for the coupling with Android smartphones, which must run at least Android 4.3. Official support for the connection to iOS devices is current reportedly shortly before its completion.

When it comes to the number of apps and the dials referred to watch faces, then Android wear has the edge at the moment clearly. However, the Google watches have also almost a year ahead of the Apple Watch. Depending on how well the Cupertino Smartwatch is sold, the relationship could turn but also quickly.

Android wear is the software from Google with many functions typical for a Smartwatch. Manufacturer can install them on their watches, and so is the strength of Android wear also in wide range models Apple Watch sport are available already for around half of the price of entry. In terms of price, design and hardware equipment cover the ASUS Zenwatch, the Motorola Moto 360, the LG G watch R, the LG watch urban, the Huawei watch, the Sony Smartwatch 3 or the Samsung gear live a wide range off and work normally with Smartphones from other manufacturers.

Android owners who are on the lookout for a Smartwatch, should look at the models with Android wear themselves. Visually, they have become considerably fancier in the course of the last twelve months and accommodate all the necessary functions. Features such as the Crown, force touch or the Taptic engine of Apple Watch must abandon her however, comes for it but also considerably cheaper for a Smartwatch.

Pebble: A Smartwatch for all

Pebble is the Smartwatch pioneer. The money for the first watch gathered through Kickstarter and broke with the new time of Pebble and Pebble Time Steel once again records the Crowdfunding portal. There are four different models to choose from, of which the cheapest already for less than 100 euros is available with the Pebble Smartwatch and the Pebble Steel.

The great advantage of Pebble is that all four models both Android and iOS are compatible. It does not set you so with the Smartwatch in addition to one of the operating systems, but could change with the next Smartphone purchase, without the need for a new watch. Also the pebbles are so far incompatible with Windows phone, but Microsoft has let it recognize an interest that soon change.

At Jibin123, you can choose between a plastic and a stainless steel case for each watch. The manufacturer offers various bracelets and also your each can confirm 22 mm bracelet to the watch. In contrast to the other Smartwatches the Pebble models don’t have a touch screen, but are operated via buttons on the housing – what is not the worst solution in the face of the small screens of the watches.

The Pebble is the ideal Smartwatch for all who are in the dispute between iOS and Android do not want to set, but it enjoy themselves freely in both ecosystems and between them to toggle and move. Also the battery life of the new time and time steel is significantly longer than with the Apple Watch seven or ten days. Price are the models with the Android wear-gadgets on a height, through the interface on the back the new time of Pebble and Pebble Time Steel can be easily expanded by additional functions.