Apple Watch 2 Thinner

In particular, in June is expected announcement of the next-generation smart watch of Apple, while the date for the official market debut of Apple Watch 2 at this stage can not be assumed even approximately.

After thunderous official debut of Apple Watch last year and legendary record growth market of smart watches that followed, probably many look forward to the eventual emergence of the next generation of this wearable device “apples”. And it seems the wait will continue until at June if you can believe the forecast analyst Brian White from the company Drexel Hamilton, who has several justified supposed it of the next generation of Apple Watch and iPhone.

First, citing a “reliable source” White claimed that only 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus will receive photo-system with two main chambers (a view that is shared by other eminent observers of the industry). According to the analyst, the start of mass production of the iPhone 7 to begin in July, and Apple will rely on him to return to the upward trend in sales of smartphones, which will most likely mark the first quarterly decline in the company’s history (We’ll know for sure whether is April 25 at 14:00 Pacific time when Apple has to announce its financial results for the second quarter).

We return to the new Apple Watch, which is projected to White, should be announced officially in the next two or three months. The analyst suggests that the new smart watch will bae 20-40% thinner than its predecessor and that the teaser will take place mid-June, probably at this year’s annual corporate conference

In conclusion remains to recall that between the official announcement of the original Apple Watch in September and the market debut of the clock in March-April was a long time. This means that the date for the official market debut of Apple Watch 2 can not be assumed even approximately, so it all depends from Apple.