Apple Warns: “Do Not Rely on Sms-Sender”

Apple has gone out with general warning about Texting. Do not trust the sender, use iMessage instead, reads the message.

A security researcher has recently written on his blog that there is a security flaw in Apple’s iPhone, which makes it possible to cheat the SMS system.

According to the blogger, this means that SMS messages are not to be trusted, since they can pretending to be from someone you know and trust, but the right is from a completely different. It writes our site.

The error means that the pirates, thieves and people who want to exploit one’s faith can benefit therefrom, by pretending to be your bank, insurance, or other institution that need some personal information.

Apple denies, however, that it is in their system error lies, but that SMS-system is the problem.

-“Apple takes security very seriously. When you use iMessage instead of SMS, will be the sender verified which protects against this kind of attack. One of the limitations of the SMS system is that it allows messages option to be sent with forged senders, to any phone. We encourage customers to be extremely cautious if they are being encouraged to go to unknown Web sites via SMS, “said Apple to our site.