Apple Sentenced to Public Humiliation

After Apple lost their supreme court against Samsung in the UK, they have been sentenced to advertise for Samsung.

Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung in the UK have given a strong backlash, after that Apple has lost one of the many cases against Samsung, about their tablets similar to iPads too much.

But after the loss of a supreme court in England has the judge sentenced Apple to humiliate himself publicly.

Apple must be publicly read that Samsung tablets do not have copied the design of Apple’s iPad, it is write our site.

And it is not just as a press release that it will happen. The judge has sentenced Apple to write about it on their own uk website where it should appear on the page in six months.

In addition, Apple write the same thing in several major newspapers such as Financial Times, The Daily Mail, Guardian mobile magazine, and T3.

However, nothing is for sure yet, since Apple is threatening to appeal the merits of the decision, and thus can be another chapter on the way.