Apple Ready with own Podcast Application

New Podcast application to make it easier and more user-friendly, to subscribe to various Podcasts.

There have been rumours about a Podcast application from Apple, which would come in the context of iOS 6.0, but now it is fixed, we will not have to wait so long.

The application “Podcasts” was released in the App Store yesterday, and makes it easier for you to find and subscribe to Podcasts, whether it is audio or video podcasts, on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

You can, among other things, find your ynglingspodcasts in the “most popular stations”, here you can search on topics such as business, comedy, music, news and much more.

The Podcasts you choose to subscribe, you can then get the latest episodes automatically, you can also choose whether you want to stream the various Podcasts or download them, so you can also hear them without having the data coverage.

It is also possible to share the Podscasts that you think others might enjoy. You can share on Twitter, Facebook, messages and mail.

Would you like the application, so it requires, as a minimum, the Podcasts you have iOS 5.1 installed on your iOS device.

You can download the application for free for both iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone in Apple’s App Store.