Apple Launches Three Models of Handset Beats Wireless

Apple has introduced three new headset models fromBeats during the launch event of the company’s new smartphones, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.The conference took place in San Francisco, United States.

Apple Launches Three Models of Handset Beats Wireless

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One differential of the BeatsX, Powerbeats3 and Beats Solo3 is that the models are wireless compatible with Apple’s new smartphones, which have lost traditional audio output (3.5mm).The options are in-ear, sporty and sweat resistant with outer shell design.


Starting with the most compact model, the BeatsX is equipped with Bluetooth technology for wireless and battery use that promises to last about 8 hours.The handset is in-ear, coupled with a security thread that allows you to answer calls and control Siri, the iPhone’s virtual assistant.There is also noise canceling system , with clearer audios, and immersive experience with acoustic sound.

To recharge is very fast: it takes only 5 minutes to guarantee 2 hours of music, via cable lightning.The handset is produced in black and white colors, priced at $ 149.95 (about $ 478 in direct conversion).

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The Powerbeats3 version is an option for those who like to listen to their music while practicing sports or exercises, because the model is designed with resistance to water and sweat.The design is ergonomic and in-ear, integrated with an outer stem for greater comfort and safety, fixed to the ear.

The battery lasts about 12 hours with a rapid recharge of 5 minutes for 1 hour of playback.The sound transmission is via Bluetooth, wireless, and just needs to be close to the iPhone to pair.

The audio is immersive and powered by two acoustic drivers, with noise canceling.It is still possible to control the iPhone wizard, Siri, change the songs and answer calls with direct buttons and built-in microphone.The suggested price on the Apple website is $ 199.95 (approximately $ 637 in direct conversion), available in white, black, blue, yellow and red.

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Beats Solo 3

Finally, the Beats Solo 3 ear, which offers a larger design, with outer coated and adjustable shells for comfort.The model is the most powerful of the three headphones, with a battery that lasts about 40 hours of playback.

Rapid reloading in 5 minutes offers 3 hours of music.The accessory is cable free, with Bluetooth technology, and to use just zoom in on the Apple device.The sound is advanced acoustically, with clear audio and swings, offering immersive sound and noise cancellation.

With the model it is possible to answer calls, adjust the volume of songs and it is also possible to communicate with Siri.There are also LED indicators on the load.The handset has 215 g and is available in black (frosted and glossy), white, silver and brown.The price on Apple’s official website is $ 299.95 ($ 956 in direct conversion).

None of the three new models are on sale on Apple’s national website, being shown in the North American version.So there is still no price or launch forecast in Brazil.