Apple Iphone 6 Plus: Lots Iphone

Conclusion: In the test, which impresses iPhone 6 plus with its crisp-sharp and very bright 5.5-inch screen. The case is highly processed, the performance heavily. Also this Apple phone of the big Android competition lags behind only in the facilities.

Apple Iphone 6 Plus: Top Edge Of Screen Size

With the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 plus advancing Apple in new dimensions to the fans of the 4-inch predecessor yet need to get used to. But what’s all in XXL-iPhone? Very well, we like the 5.5 inch screen with 556 candela especially bright lights up and remains stable even with side viewing angle. The resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels (full HD), which results in a pixel density of 401 ppi on the size calculated. Sharpness is guaranteed. The contrast values reach though not AMOLED level, but are quite far forward in the control panel.

The iPhone 6 plus comes with the Apple-A8 Processor and 1 GB RAM. This sounds compared to the Android competition little spectacular, but Apple’s operating system is also here perfectly matched to the hardware. As a result, that provides iPhone 6 plus a performance of such liquid as we know it by barely an other Smartphone. The processing of the giant iPhone is also top notch: it wobbles and creaks nothing, only the vibration noises are Atypically noisy for an iPhone. There is a very good sounding in-ear headset and the USB cable with power adapter included.

Apple Iphone 6 Plus: Ios At Its Finest

Is home iOS 8 on the iPhone 6 plus installed. Note: Now it works with iOS 9.3 (Status: June 2016). is the currently best mobile operating system. There are sensible OS features, such as Siri or TouchID on board, for the first time, also alternative keyboards can be incorporated. In addition, Apple integrated the health app in the system, which collects fitness data from different sources. From iOS 8 you can share with up to six other Apple users now also purchase content. Parents can also deny app purchases their children, as long as the app purchase has not been authorized. A special feature of the iPhone 6 plus is also the landscape mode. So can the 6 plus use like an iPad in landscape mode.

Apple Iphone 6 Plus: Camera Stabilizer

The iSight has revised Apple. Although solves the Knipse as before with 8 mega pixel at, but the photo quality is good in daylight. The white balance does an amazing job. There is no large difference between the day and art light absorption. Our evaluation via camera software certifies a good number of line pairs, but no good color fidelity. In poor lighting conditions, the camera rushes noticeably. The iPhone 6 plus the focus-pixel technology helps the auto focus, which is otherwise only found in a few DSLR cameras. However, it needed 6 plus unusually long 1.06 seconds to throw. Differentiation characteristic to the smaller iPhone 6: The optical image stabilizer. It provides for well-focused videos and photos, it works fine in the test. The Slowmotion video feature films now with 240 fps, record video clips with maximum of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, however, there is not a true 4 k resolution. The 6 plus loses points in the camera, because the Frontcam only with pitiful 1.2 megapixel resolves. No great shakes for the face-time phone.

Apple Iphone 6 Plus: LTE Cat4, Wi-Fi-Ac And NFC

Apple’s XXL-iPhone surf with LTE Cat4 quickly through the mobile network. 150 Mbps maximum at the downlink, many a competitor in the meantime already offers LTE Cat6. Apple iPhone 6 plus Wi-Fi ac powered for quick trips to the Web from the couch. NFC is for the first time in an iPhone on board, but in this country still not to use: the iPhone 6 plus supports only Apple pay via NFC, does not communicate with other smartphones. After all: Together with Apple pay also the finger scanner receives new features to which we in this country forward.

Apple iPhone 6 plus: design and usability

The design of the iPhone 6 with the rounded corners Apple moved plus iPhone 6 one to one on that. Already at the smaller model the housing edges have become strikingly broad, the iPhone 6 plus sets here yet another on it. This stretches the XXL Apple on 158 x 78 mm, making the one-hand operation impossible. To facilitate the handling of at least, which offers iPhone 6 plus the aforementioned landscape mode. Alternatively push the upper rows of the app by double tip on the home button down. A nice convenience feature you’ll often need to achieve, for example, the back button in the upper left corner.

Apple Iphone 6 Plus: Long Load Time

In the Online run-time test the battery of the iPhone 6 brings up plus it 8:02 hours, a good value. But the disenchantment comes at load time: Squire takes four hours the battery time up to 100 percent when the loading bar light up. A quick charge function does not bring XXL-iPhone.

Apple Iphone 6 Plus: Three Variants

Apple sells the iPhone 6 plus in three variants of memory: the entry-level model with16 GB, the 64-GByte version and that strotzende before capacity 128 GB model. All three versions are available in gold, silver and space grey – a choice and have their price very Apple.

Apple iPhone 6 plus: alternative

The more favourable Samsung Galaxy touch 4 equipped with a 5.7-inch QHD screen, iPhone 6 plus is but minimally shorter than that.The Touchwiz OS is based on Android and offers exciting features for the S pen of note 4. Because the alternative is to use size via pin the Snapdragon 805 delivers 2.7-GHz quad-core power, the battery measures a whopping 3.220 mAh. QuickCharger allows shorter loading times with the suitable charging cable. If you Android stolen can stay but the 6 plus just a number is too large, there is the excellent Apple alternative iPhone 6.

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