Appears a New Samsung Android on The Radar: an Input Tablet for about 100 Euros

These days are dates of rest for many of you but the machinery of some companies not stop or at Christmas, which is understandable because 2016 is just around the corner and with the first releases that we see at CES and Mobile World Congress. Samsung, which we are also accustomed to a frenetic pace of production, has been seen in one of the organisms of certification with a new device.

The Koreans have sent to the Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance an eight-inch-size tablet. Your hardware we know very little. In fact, we know many details of the device but among the few keys that have been filtered there is one very interesting: it’s a model that could reach the market by around 100 euros, at least so say sources close.

They begin to appear the first Android in 2016

The certification of this device occurred on December 24 and in the sheet that has been leaked most of the details have to do with Bluetooth and WiFi device connectivity. We have also known their codename (ST-375S) thanks to which we have been able to know that this tablet will be a model that will compete with a very aggressive price.

Zauba is a company that regulates exports and importanciones in the India. Long became a reference this tablet model with the same name by what adding two parts gives us to understand that this new Samsung Galaxy Tab will be a model for input, effectively, will be worth about 100 euros to change.

So far Samsung had few incursions in the sector of tablets with devices at competitive prices. You had tablets cheap but always closer to the 200 than the 100, always taking as a reference the PVP and not specific offerings that sometimes we can find on the net.

Is the question of If this tablet from Samsung will have an international release either it will be a product for very specific markets such as emerging countries. Within a couple of weeks in Las Vegas safe that we will see an ad related to mobility by Samsung and I hope that this device is including.