App Test: Imovie for the Iphone 4

Smartphone camcorder with editing function
Suitable for the iPhone 4 and the new HD-capable camera, there is of course also an editing app from Apple: iMovie ( app store link, 3.99 euros ), the little brother of the well-known Mac program. The following, brief review will show how good the app is and whether the iPhone can actually become a mobile editing studio. If you are already familiar with iMovie for the Mac, the entry into the iPhone variant is certainly a bit easier. First you start the video cut as with the big pendant project-based. These projects include a timeline on which the videos and photos can be stored, in addition there is a soundtrack.
At the beginning, the project’s timeline is not yet filled, and you can make some presets for the project via “Set”. Specifically, this is a theme associated with matching music, transitions, and titles. A video clip or a photo is either added from the library or takes a video or photo directly. The cut of the film or the project is simply solved-one taps a clip, there appear two brands with which the clip can be trimmed. IMovie will automatically add transitions between clips, if you do not like the transition, you can change it quickly and easily. Clips are, incidentally, within the timeline also easily interchangeable, here can be simply what is inserted new or sometimes the order quickly changed.

Given appropriate talent and skill, with the iPhone 4 from and iMovie small film creations arise , like this of the maker Michael Koerbel (after the actual film, follows the making-of).

In addition to the clip can be added music on the soundtrack or alternatively the sound from the clip completely taken over. Speaking of the geolocalization of clips and photos, the titles can also be used to display the matching locations. If you want to export the movie, you can choose between three quality levels: 360p for the iPod or the iPhone or higher resolved in 560p or 720p. Note: The export only takes place in the archive. From there the film can then be sent by e-mail or uploaded to Youtube or Mobile Me. Side effects: The film is however very strongly compressed. The full resolution can only be exported via iTunes, and the export to the mentioned services is then done via an import via iPhoto. Please note: It is no longer possible to edit the movie later on from the iMovie app!

In the current stage, iMovie is not really recommendable on the iPhone 4, because with the big name, I actually connect more possibilities to create a movie than iMovie is able to perform for the iPhone. Instead there is a stripped-down version, which is more a further aid than a full-fledged program to cut several video clips and photos to a new clip. The operation is in parts simple and uncomplicated (eg trimming) in other areas, however, just annoying, such as the transitions or the export function. Another annoyance is the non-existent or poorly implemented multitasking capability-if the app is pushed into the background, one must start again in the original program view. Already made changes to the clips but at least not lost. At a price of nearly four euros should be expected with this Apple app certainly still potential for improvement for future updates.