Anomaly: Graphics in a Game of Turrets Where You Are The Intruder

Lately it seems many quality games are coming to Android. We saw a couple of weeks ago the graphic excellence of Osmos. Today we are going to speak of Anomaly Warzone Earth HD, another set of high graphical quality that we can squeeze many hours of addiction.

It’s a game of turrets, which we are sure that almost all of you have played the game, with a different approach: you are the intruder in area enemy. The game is set in a Baghdad of 2018, in which an alien ship crashes and plague the entire city of turrets. You are the Commander of a military convoy and searched for Choose the correct path to meet your objective by destroying everything you can in your path.

During the missions, we can use different skills that will unlocked throughout the game, such as repairing tanks or get a lure to the torretan shot him. We also can buy or improve different tanks that we can take, what going getting compliant money will move through the game, destroying turrets and collecting materials.

The game has of several game modes, mode history and squad assault mode, which is appreciated since once finish the game the challenge doesn’t end.

In terms of difficulty, we begin with fairly simple missions, that is by adding a growing variety of skills and turrets to enemy. If this little, outside account with three levels of difficulty, that we can set up before each mission: Advanced, casual and hardcore.

The gameplay of the game is pretty good, and am pleasantly surprised the original mode to select the path, Since we must not draw it manually and can be varied with single click on each corner. Also we thank the button advance, which increases the speed of the game to the slower phases.

It’s a game of high quality graphics, accompanied by a very sound, which you can not miss if you’re a good strategist. The only big drawback that has is that do not have Demo version, so we have to buy the game full for 2.99 Euro or give in to the alternative that gives us Humble Bundle. Thanks to this last alternative we can buy it at the price you want with Edge and Osmos, and if we also pay more than the average World of Goo.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD Version 1.11

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: 11 bit studios
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: 2,99€
  • Category: Arcade & action