Angels of Victoria’s Secret Diet

When I read the declaration of Adriana Lima it has accapponata my skin. Sure, having a physical all brawn and no fat can certainly not be only about mother nature, even if the hand can actually have put it as a base. But from now on, when the models nth interview will declare that they eat what they want, snub the gym and it’s all about the fast metabolism, I will have a laugh and I will continue to eat me my chocolate. Ready to read the diet, Adriana Lima, he has decided to confess and disclose? Yeah right that diet and the sports program which make it the marble statue parading along with the other angels for Victoria’s Secret and that makes us women rosicare and makes glittering eyes of men!

It is the Telegraph that reveals it. Since August, the Lima begins a strict diet that will end only in November when we hold the parade. The nutritionist (but what kind of nutritionist is, I wonder) measures the Adriana fat mass and establishes what must lose. So prescribes a number of fats, carbohydrates and protein to eat each giorn0 and a really grueling physical training becomes more intense at the approach of the parade. When there are nine days event the Lima stop eating and only drinking protein shakes (with lots of powdered eggs inside) and faces two workouts a day (something like 4, 5 hours of training.) A couple of days before completely stop taking calories, drinking only water and twelve hours before the event, also he stops drinking loses four pounds.
to me it seems a no brainer! What do you think? And you, Mbakecheng? What about?