Android Wear, Come The “Wearables” with Android

Could not miss this Google I/O 2014 we live following in Xataka Android, we are in the year of the wearables and Android Wear has just introduced new.

Smart watches with Android are already here, we have seen them live and live, as they were in all the presenters of this main Conference of the I/o 2014 doll; and the first two, LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, will be available in Play Store from today.

During the part dedicated to Android Wear of the Conference have been able to review many of the innovations that had already been seen in the Developer Preview version of Android for wearable devices, although also many new features you have taught that it has been developing since the Android Wear.

Thus, we have seen the paint that have different notifications according to their purpose, also various designs for the cover of the watch and its start using the voice “OK Google” command, allowing also search any information directly thanks to Google Now.

Google has indicated that it is developed under the premise of facilitate the life connected to users, reducing the times we checked the day our smartphone, Android Wear a daily 125.

One of the main functions that are reviewed, and also one of the most useful, will be Intelligent notifications, and it is that if we read and remove a notice from the watch, directly it will be deleted from the smartphone to not duplicate information.

How has also been taught from a device with Android Wear we can control wirelessly other gadgets and applications, as reproduction through loudspeakers or headphones Bluetooth, for example.

As you might expect, nor they have forgotten the use as a quantifier of health that we can give to a smart watch, so we already know that Android will be ready to gather information from sensors or the heart rate monitor and pedometer to serve as a quantifier or personal trainer.

SDK available from today and some examples illustrating its functionality

Android Wear has come a long way since its presentation, in fact, until now it was not possible to interactivity between applications, direct reading from sensors or customize the interface, several examples.

That is why Google will rush to release the SDK for Android Wear today itself so that developers can begin to work on their applications for smart watches that are to come.

During the Conference itself we could see several practical examples of the use of a device Android Wear, as order a pizza in less than a minute, follow a step by step recipe or the functioning of Lyft, an application to request a car and that meet you wherever you are, with which we can know the time that is needed for us to pick up or give it to the driver who has led us.

LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live will be available today

Samsung and its Gear Live was an open secret, although still missing us lack of surname Galaxy in a timepiece that will operate under Android Wear.

Moreover, the case of LG G Watch was not no secret, as arose while Android Wear and motorcycle 360, third in discord, the most attractive, and the only one that will make us wait for your arrival.

We say this because the Gear Live Samsung and LG G Watch will be available for purchase in the Play Store devices section from today, Although we still don’t know their prices and the markets in which it will be available initially.

We will be very attentive to the Spanish Play Store because they should appear, they should do so imminently, although we assume that they will first arrive in the United States and will be delayed a few weeks in our markets.