Android TV, Well Is The Kit of Development Control for Games

At the end of this year will be the first televisions and set top boxes with Android TV, the new proposal of Google to conquer our lounges and step getting in the the video game console market with these new devices for the entertainment.

Android TV also wants to be our game console, desktop so we play comfortably Google Play video games with a remote control for games, which will allow games that still have not given the jump to Android because of touch screens to make the leap forward thanks to Android TV.

Google this week has been given to developers the first Android TV (ADT-1) Development Kit, which consists of a set top box and a gamepad so developers already adapted their games to new Google platform.

The command of developers kit features a design reminiscent of Xbox, he has the same four action buttons (A, B, X, and), two analog sticks, a cross, two buttons above, two triggers, three navigation buttons, four LEDs to indicate the number of player and works with two AA batteries. As we see it is a basic remote control but enough to enjoy the games.

It is unknown if Google will sell its own official gamepad, which would also be compatible for play from mobile and tablets. It is rumored that Googe launch the final version of this gamepad and set top box under the rumored Nexus TV at the end of this year.

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