Android “Safe Mode” Filed in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Android is known to save on small details, and now even a surfaced, “safe mode” is stored in the Jelly Bean.

You probably know the function from your PC, or have been unfortunate enough to come across it on your PC.

“Safe mode”, also known as safe mode, a mode to start the computer up in, that makes that all third-party applications will not be activated, and thus makes it easier to debug the Windows System.

It is this feature or option, as Android is now in version 4.1 Jelly Bean.

According to our site you can access the feature by holding the off button, as if you want to turn off your phone normally.

When the menu with options Off, Airplane mode, and adjust the volume comes forward, hold your finger on the Switch when the possibility.

Then a new window would like to offer the possibility to say OK or Cancel to reboot the phone into Safe mode.

What seemed in on function, it is usable by the general public or is it a purely “geek” function? Give your opinion in the comments box below.