Android PC Seems to Finally Be Seriously

In the past We have had quite a few flirtations with Android on your PC. He opened the fashion was Asus with its range of Transformer, which in principle were tablets but becoming with their keyboards on laptops. But the issue is becoming more common.

Project Android x 86 it is quite interesting and some manufacturers like HP are taking really many annoyances. So much so that Android is becoming a real alternative to the Chromebooks, but also Windows. Why is the thing now seriously and before not so much?

Android, an alternative to the traditional computer

Recently, we present a special about working with Android. There we offer multiple applications necessary to use Android in the work and even ponder if an Android could be an alternative to a PC.

The truth is that on many occasions this is so and most of the drawbacks came by the usability of a mobile phone or tablet, and by the power of the terminal, not due to limitations of the operating system and applications. This means that the operating system is ready for desktop use (though the experience is much more focused on tablets).

And it is true that for many tasks a keyboard and touchpad (or mouse) is much more comfortable. But Android supports this without problems. In a mobile phone, it doesn’t make much sense, but in a computer itself and Android is ready to offer this possibility.

Tablet PC, Windows experience has taken the step

The biggest drawback I’ve always seen you the experience of a PC with Android is Google’s operating system is very focused on mobile and tablet, and this is difficult to lace on a PC. The funny thing is that the biggest disadvantage has become advantage with the arrival of Windows 8.

Microsoft has unified in this version of a tablet and a PC experience. With the arrival of Windows 8 people are more willing to have an experience similar to a tablet PC, with mouse and keyboard.

Now Android is not at a disadvantage against Windows in this regard. The experience could be better, it is true, but if the largest supplier of operating systems for PCs is on the line, for what Android does not will to be valid there?

The software, the key

The reality is that Android is coming to PCs because the ecosystem of applications is brutal. We have applications for what you want at a click of from Google Play. Anything that we imagine is available and typically priced quite low if compared with the prices of applications for PC. As an example we have applications for IT that we review recently.

I mean, Android has everything to make the serious jump to PCs. First, support of some major manufacturers. Second, an experience similar to that offered by other classic PC operating systems (although I think that it is where most margin there is improvement). Third, a good ecosystem of applications, good price.

Are we already beginning the era of Android on all devices?