Android One: Smartphones for Emerging

Motorola did before already with the Moto G and Moto E , now Google itself would like to tighten: with the Android one project, the search engine giant wants to tap into emerging markets.

This India shall be controlled first and foremost, the Smartphones with partners are adapted to the local peculiarities. When we talk here about partners, we mean above all the mobile operators, as well as the hardware manufacturers.

Android one: Close cooperation with mobile network operators and hardware manufacturers

Google wants to work with local manufacturers and mobile operators hand-in-hand and has already big plans to soon publish of low-cost smartphones, that there should be affordable for almost everyone. The Android one program is similar to the nexus series, which is to be replaced by Android-silver.

As with the nexus devices is set here to (for the price) good hardware at a reasonable price. The Android version automatically updating version will be used on themselves, whether actually classic Android or a customized version of the mobile operating system is used, is not yet known.

Android one: country-specific properties required

The Smartphones of the series should be before inclusion in the program undergo some quality control and adapted to the markets. For example, in India the demand SIM devices for dual is high, and music is heard there remains about the FM frequencies. The first Smartphone, which will be published in the Android one program has therefore exactly these two characteristics. Here at you can get more different models of the cell phones.

The birth of Android one series to be heralded this from the Indian manufacturer of Micromax. The Smartphone will have a screen diagonal of 4.5 inches. Still a SD card should be added to the above features, the price should amount to under US$ 100. Already in the autumn, the unit in India shall be available.

Google wants to reach the next five billion users with Android one

Android Chief and Senior Vice President of Google, Sundar Pichai, has announced that it wants to achieve the next five billion users with the development of the markets of emerging countries. Space for this seems definitely to be given: according to the company from mountain view the Smartphone Usage in India is only 10 percent.

Besides India, the Internet giant wants to reach other emerging markets, the Android one program will be expanded gradually.

Images & source: GSMArena