Android N May Finally Include Numerous Enhancements for Multitasking in Tablets

Pixel C has landed this week in Europe. Unlike the Nexus, this tablet has been manufactured entirely by Google, putting special care and interest in provide it with a good finish and a competitive hardware. Even so, when it comes to the truth turns to come up with the same problem facing the rest of tablets: a poorly adapted operating system.

Say us yourself whenever you can, the great disadvantage of Android is that it is not able to take advantage of the dimensions of the screens of tablets. Fortunately this could be about to change, because Google is working hard on enhancing multi-tasking, and one of the innovations that we could soon see is the multi-view.

Android N and tablets

As I have already told the team of developers behind the Pixel C yesterday underwent one session Reddit loves, and among the many questions about its tablet could not miss those relating to Android. The developers took advantage of the questions for confirm that they were working on several methods to improve the multi-tasking on Android.

We are working hard on a number of improvements to Android in this form factor. There are many things, as a multi-window in which we have been investing much time and that with a bit of luck we can soon say more. We are working on many things for Android N, but we estropearíamos surprise if the share all. The split screen is underway.

So soon we will have news, although it appears that all of them will wait to the release of the next version of the operating system. Although they have suggested that Android could be closer what we hope. In fact, perhaps you remember that you among rumors of imminent devices as HTC M10 has already been mentioned an Android 6.1.

Although they have only revealed one of them, developers say to be working on several enhancements. With a little luck, perhaps this is indicative that the next version of Android can marcar a before and an after for tablets. This certainly would be vital for the Pixel C and other devices don’t miss the wake Apple and Microsoft in it comes to productivity.