Android Is Set Aside by The GTA V Game

Today is a very important day for the video games industry. Today, September 17, goes on sale the game Grand Theft Auto V, or GTA V for friends of acronyms. It’s the game with more spending history, beating many Hollywood films in one of the biggest projects of entertainment ever created and loved to our colleagues from Kotaku.

The game could not stop side the importance that are taking smartphones in daily life of the people, and to take advantage of it decided to launch an application for smartphones and tablets, called iFruit. With this application you can customize cars and train a dog that helps us in some missions of the game, making it much easier moving forward in the history.

However, something does not block when this application not available for Android and it is only on Apple devices. It is understandable to either prioritize products for these terminals instead of Android, because it gives them more money than users of Google’s operating system, but we are talking about the greatest game history.

Despite being a fairly modest number in the United States, which is its main market, the market share of Android is big enough to take account of the game, and more with the hundreds of millions that has cost the game. The cost of the application for Android is not or high taking into account the budget which has handled RockStar.

Even so, the game is still very good and There is no reason to not play only by this event, but I get angry to continue giving priority to a version for something with so much influence in the game. We are not talking about a simple wallpapers desktop, themes icons and music game, we are talking about that some players will be able to advance more in the game only to have some mobile brand and managing a multi-million dollar budget.

By the time Rockstar has not released the application for Android, which still has no date. They may take days, months, or simply a few hours and all this complaint won’t make much sense, worse still is sad to see how companies are promoting an operating system setting aside to another that could also report many benefits to you.