Android HTC Smart Watch

A few days ago we heard rumors that a reputable manufacturer HTC temporarily denied from entering the niche of smart watches. A fresh rumors claim that the Taiwanese company still plans presenting the smart watch, but it will be postponed to the first months.

The information is brief but states that the HTC developers want to prepare a product whose aim will be to stand out most among current competition. The guidelines were design and advanced features, which could mean that will be invested in efforts to avoid unpleasant moments with voluminocity of current smart watches at low price and limited battery life. Rumors say they are working on a product managed by Android Wear, which to some extent would limit the opportunities for modifying and expanding software platform. It must be recalled that so far Google prohibits hardware manufacturers to modify Android Wear.

Perhaps recent suspicion of abandoning the project for smart clock were associated with smart clock based on the Qualcomm Toq. Such a development has been discussed in recent months. Probably it was decided that efforts be directed towards development of a smart watch with Android Wear. By the company itself refused to comment on recent rumors.

HTC has scheduled a media event on October 8, but almost sure it will be no announcement of clever clock or other smart electronics to wear.