Android App Removed without Warning by Google

The application from the Danish Games can no longer be downloaded into Google Play Great – Google has removed it without warning.

Google, unlike Apple, have been known to allow most of their application store Google Play Big. But with Danish Game is now another matter, because since the 1. August Nestle Android application has been banned in Google Play and been removed.

Danish Games launched the application for more than a year ago, and now is the reaction come from Google without notice.

-“App has been removed, without that we were informed about it. Unfortunately – because if Google had briefed us first, we could have made the adjustments, as they deem necessary,” says Rasmus Jensen, who is sales and CRM Manager at Danish Lottery Games, to our site.

Google’s guidelines for content in Play Big is that applications that have anything with casino games, sports betting and Lotteries are not-accepted content – in line with pornography, malware, etc.

-“We have in the past been the app approved, without comments, so it comes very behind on us, that it is now removed. It seems that Google has found a new way to enforce their policy in relation to the past, “says Rasmus Jensen.

Danske Spil has contacted Google, but still await their explanation. Until the application is back in Google Play Great, so can the Android users use browser and, which is optimized for mobile use.