And If You Speak The Voice of Experience?

What you would say to any person less than you if you had to give you advice about becoming mayor? Surely you would have many things what advise, but above all, you try to convince him that not is it agobiase with those small wrinkles because, when it comes to the truth, to become mayor is something very different. As a parting gift for their listeners, the WireTap of CBC Radio One radio program made this video, How to Age Gracefully, where people of different ages advise us on how face get older. The voice of experience in its purest form.

From the 7 to 93 years, more than one dozen people of different ages and experiences gave listeners of the radio WireTap program a series of tips on how to age and enjoy life. The result is How to Age Gracefully, a delicious video you can’t miss:

The video has a sour point. Yes, you raise a smile, but also makes you think of all the occasions in which you have not grasped well now. That carpe diem that we all know, but much it costs us to perform. We live in a world obsessed with age, but always associated with the presence and the physical image. Rarely emphasizes know aging well is not related to wrinkles and itself more with the attitude that we have in life and to learn to enjoy every moment. The experience earned and to everything you learn.

At the end, life is a process of growth that never ends and this video helps us remember it.

Photos: Wiretap Studio

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