An Original Radio Clock

Design and decorative object or nice gift, clock radio plays originality. Multiply in the functions, of the funniest in the most useful.

  • The power of the sphere of Yanko Design

The clock radio is often our worst enemy. It sounds in the middle of a beautiful dream, we’re looking for from the fingertips to turn it off at the most quickly and go back to sleep, we find him, we get mad… still a day which started really badly!

Yanko Design has created a very original awakening.Its rounded shapes are nice. The different functions are very simple to handle and above all, its central sphere is a major asset. She is the one that displays the time. It is handled entirely. You can take it in your hands very simply. In this way, you can choose to hide the time. And wake up, not try to find the little button in vain. Just take the ball in his hands and back to stop the alarm.

  • The R2D2 projection alarm clock

Another flaw in the classic clock radio, according to wall clock repairing tips of estaterealest, is time is sometimes hard to read because displayed too small or too blurry. This is how designers have had the idea to project the time on the wall or ceiling of the room.

And Star Wars fans will not be disappointed with this to R2D2 projection clock radio. The “legs” of R2D2 to setting the orientation of the projection on the wall. A small beep to R2D2 comes with all actions. The alarm is powerful and you guarantee failure recovery.