An Bookrest for the Tablet

We want who cheat, the better Scullion it is not flesh and blood, nor is paper.The truth is that our best ally when it comes to cooking is internet, because answers all our questions, accompanies us in the kitchen because you can put music or the radio, you can go by photos of the process the preparation…

The problem comes when the tablet has just pringada up to above because we have it in the middle or we are moving it from here to there because not we remember the recipe or the exact amount of the next step.

For make a comfortable use of the Tablet, we have designed different supports or stands, there are 2 in 1, for books and tablets as which teach you today, although it is easy to improvise a tablet with a cutting board support.These are some of the examples that you can find on the web

Support 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount Stand for iPad & Tablets is made of aluminium, it is robust, stable and at the same time elegant. Once installed can move to see the screen from any angle, it has multiple joints, it can be turned 360 °, it can be easily removed to change it’s location, insert the Tablet is very simple and if placed under the kitchen Cupboard, you’ve seen the video tucked well remains according to TimelessTablets.