Ampoule Awox Smartlight Color

Awox brand we kindly told an Awox SmartLIGHT color bulb, model SML – c9. It is not of course not one bulb like the others because it works with LEDs to use as little energy as possible. Small feature, it is connected in Bluetooth! Here’s our view on this product.

LED bulb nice, Bluetooth is its limit!

The SmartLIGHT color is a 9W LED bulb which has the chance to be compatible with most of the lights, only the size of the bulb could be a problem even though it is not either very voluminous. About the features, on paper it looks really nice since it is possible to change the atmosphere very easily thanks to an application on which we will return later in this test.

Unfortunately, the SmartLIGHT color has a limit, the Bluetooth. Properly, everything seems to work at the level of liaison on an smartphone Android or iOS. Sometimes the match is a little long, in this case simply turn off and on the light bulb with the switch located on the back and everything falls into place. Bluetooth has some limitations we would blow up. On the one hand, the scope is not extraordinary good that sufficient for the majority of the rooms of a House. But what is unfortunate, it is not having more freedom with this bulb with a WiFi connection! Maybe another version! In the meantime, it is rather affordable, 59 euros.

Through an application

As we said, it is mandatory to go through the application to manage the bulb, and even several bulbs! Indeed, the application allows to control several SmartLIGHT simultaneously or independently. It’s pretty nice when you really want to create an original atmosphere in a room or even make the deco. Note that you can stream music and have some light to the beat, create alarms where the light will gradually intensify to wake you gently.

A very correct connected Bluetooth LED bulb

The SmartLIGHT color is a very interesting choice for that or who wish to give a little color to its interior at a very reasonable rate there where of the bulbs like the Philips Hue cost much more expensive. However, Philips offers many more features. We regret the absence of a small remote control that could allow to happen from time to time his Smartphone. Finally, the power of being equivalent to 60W light bulb, lighting is relatively powerful and announced life is approximately 20,000 hours.