American-Style Jacket: A “Must Have”

In today’s post I want to introduce – for those that don’t know it-a pledge that all women, of any body type, must in our closet: an American-style jacket.

The good thing about this type of jacket as described in casual clothes is that benefits us all and we gorditas us favors much, since it is a garment with straight lines, asymmetric and structured, which compensates for and stylized our curvaceous figure.

To get the best benefit folding the sleeves a little, it is enters the wrist and elbow, which will give the illusion that we have longer arms. If you have narrow shoulders, you can use one that has details that give attention to this area, such as that he used for this example. Also remember that the pockets create volume, so look good in that jacket you want to purchase does not have very bulky pockets, because it will make the area in which the being is look wider. Most importantly, be your size, and this is a golden rule applies to all your clothes.

What I like about this article is that it does not necessarily has to be a flat color, but it may be the element of your outfit that has the tendency, in this case animal print load. Then it is the perfect garment to put together a look casual and chic at the same time.

The look that I propose today is perfect to go to the University, or for an informal outing on the day or at night I hope you like it!