Amazon USB Type C

The USB Type C is sometimes controversial and for cause when we see the number of failing cables sold on stores online like Amazon. Fortunately, the online giant comes to take drastic measures. Now compliant or defective cables are not permitted on its site.

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The efforts of Google engineer, Benson Leung, to prove, at the risk of his Chromebook Pixel, that Amazon sold failing USB Type C cables have not been in vain. Reminder, the cable in question offered a resistance of only 10kΩ while this technology requires a resistance of 56kΩ.In addition, the internal wiring had only four cables instead of nine and welds were of poor quality.

Today, the online store comes to announce that now all C Type USB cables and adapters do not meet the standards established by the USB Implementers Forum, Inc. were banned on its site.In summary, good markets and dangerous cables can cause damage to your devices.

A very important since these cables may as well burn your smartphone as your laptop, in addition the risk of injury in an incident is not to exclude. Of course, this does not mean that we should not you be careful if you decide to buy a USB Type C cable and 3.0 hub on hbbltd or another online store, as recalled Benson Leung, even if the risk that a failed product passes between the meshes of spinning minimal rest.

A victory both for the Google engineer but also for consumers, which will theoretically be able to make purchases without fearing for the safety of their devices or their.