Amazing Transformations: the Power of Makeup

You will be amazed at incredible transformations.Discover the secret to being a diva, a woman more than beautiful!

What woman wouldn’t want to feel like a Diva, at least once in your life? Yes, the good news is, it’s not that hard, and just very little, just make sure, which will highlight your best features or strengths, such as eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose … well, at least that is what protects

Vadim Andreev is a makeup artist for 29 years, Russian-turned-news, literally, in the main beauty blogs and websites provided that in an article for the British newspaper Daily Mailsaid, and was able to prove that any woman can become a Diva, duly makeover.

Ready, the publication won the world and the interest of many women who believed in the power of a good make.

According to Vadim, who is 16 years, since the makeup artist to be more beautiful you don’t have to resort to more radical transformations, just the help of brushes. And to prove his point, he showed images of customers before and after the production and said:

“I started taking pictures to show people that they can change, they are more attractive, appear and be happier.”

Thus, only with brushes and certain products, it is possible to cover since expression marks, wrinkles and even pimples, in true and stunning transformations, which focuses on the uniformity of the skin and the emphasis on certain parts, like eyes and mouth.

However, Vadim Andreev draws attention to the fact that there is no need to exaggerate the products to be able to change the appearance and a perfect look, according to him:

“My main tips are to use a clear concealer under the eyes, blush on cream on the cheeks. Use powderbronzer on cheeks and Chin and spread a little around the face. Use black mascara and lip gloss pink lips.It gives a fresh and youthful air “.

That is, it’s always nice to know that with simple resources can delay a little longer or more radical interventions.