All Letters Can Now Be Sent with Mobile Porto

Post Denmark are expanding their service Mobile porto, so that it now covers all A-and B-letters of up to 2 kg.

Post Denmark has expanded the service Mobile porto, so now you can buy digital postage rates for both A-and B-letters to recipients in Denmark with a weight of up to two kilometres. Mobile postage can be purchased either via sms or via the application.

-“We would really like to make it as easy as possible to send letters. That is why we have both expanded the possibilities with mobile porto and improved our Mobile postage application that quickly and user-friendly guides the customer through the purchase of porto codes on your phone. On the way we will win is quite simply the digital and physical world together, and we have gained great recognition for both at home and abroad, “says Mette Juul, head of Post Denmark Private customers.

Post Denmark launched Mobile porto last year, and since then the Danes have bought more than 500,000 stamps via your mobile phone. Just like the service also have gained considerable international attention and won several awards, among other things. a mobile Award 2011.