All Information About The Upcoming ASUS Zenfone 3

Asus has planned for this year a Zenfone Smartphone, which will come in two versions on the market and remove shares to the competition. Gel file design may in fact convince at first glance.

The ASUS Zenfone 3 is expected to have long, more precisely since the January 2016 at CES, with it has postponed the release. For this, you will present not one, but two Zenfones in May. While both smartphones will differ not only in their value, sondenr also in the facilities. At Reddot21 you posted first pictures of the design, which impress me personally. ASUS usesmaterials quality and nobly makes this Smartphone. The difference in the materials between the Zenfone 3 and the Zenfone 3 Deluxe is, that when the Deluxe version a complete metal casing is used, without any plastic strips which stop the metal look. But in addition to a metal frame, the normal Zenfone 3 Gets a back glass. These are 2.5-glass, which is rounded on the sides.

This should both units as seen in the predecessor have a laser auto-focus, as well as a flash light on the front to shoot Selfies better in low light conditions. Still, Asus will introduce the new USB standard type C, as well as a fingerprint sensor integrated in the home key. Here is also another difference exists. While the “normal” Zenfone 3 will have a home button on the back, to when the Deluxe version of this and sit by sensor keys below the display. The Deluxe Smartphone to come with the new Snapdragon 820.