All about Maternity Leave

Rights For Pregnant Women

Almost all women come to a stage in your life when you wish to form your family, with husband and children. That goal is often flustered by the plans, which the prevent of diminish the pace of work at the time that you want. That’s why, nowadays, most women well resolved and representatives of important roles in the labour market, plan in advance the arrival of children so.

So that it can be done, without the future mother has lost her job, is that there is a “maternity leave”.This is a woman’s right, proven by law and, unfortunately, respected by only one of the three companies in the country. The article says that pregnant women are entitled to 120 days of paid leave by the INSS and the obligation to work up to 28 days before delivery and, today, have your period increased from 4 to 6 months license. In 2010 this project was approved by the Senate but by then is stopped in the Chamber of Deputies.

The woman must notify the employer as soon as we get confirmation of the pregnancy, ensuring all their rights. In addition to the license, the pregnant woman, from the moment that communicates the current state your cannot be fired until five months after the baby is born. Before even starting maternity leave, the pregnant woman has the right to be released during working hours to hold at least six medical consultations and examinations needed.