Alice in Wonderland

Is with the quote from Lewis Carroll, British poet and novelist, author of “Alice in Wonderland”(published in 1865), which we began our journey into the world of fairy tales. Nothing more magical than go back to being a kid, right?! As soon as we felt when we saw the pictures of the anniversary of 1 YEAR of ALICE, daughter of our dear reader Melanie Winckler. The party was held in Ponta Porã (MS), entitled the tuuudo that you can imagine: the ballroom was transformed into a real film scenario;characters scattered all over the place making the joy of the children; Candy and custom souvenirs; and of course, impeccable decor, wonderful, for nobody put defect. We were delighted with the size of the whim, it all worked out in minute detail, so we made a point to bring to you this super guess decorating children’s Party.

All posts about birthday decoration of a child are the most successful, always receive messages from moms asking for more tips for both parties of girls as boys. And since the last party we register was boy (see here), today the time is. Nothing more ideal to celebrate the birthday of a girl than the theme“Alice in Wonderland”, who never surrendered to the Disney universe and plunged headlong into a fantasy world according to A2zwallstickers?! Aiiiii genteeee… muiiito cute… no words to describe what was the party of the littleAlice… just seeing the photos to get an idea of what happened there in San Diego!